One of my favorite birds arrived!

On Monday morning I headed over to my favorite shooting location at the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge. I was immediately greeted by some Myrtle Warblers and they gave me the chance to get my camera settings corrected as they lingered in nearby bushes and trees. A tiny flash of yellow in the brush near the waters edge alerted me to the presence of a Yellow Warbler. Probably one of my favorite song birds. They are small, quick and so cool with their almost totally yellow color. Later I had a Spotted Sandpiper walk towards me while it focusing on feeding in the marsh. It was truly a great day for bird images. Here are a few samples from the shoot.

A Yellow Warbler feeding near the water.

A Spotted Sandpiper feeding in the marsh.

A Myrtle Warbler from the Yellow-rumped Warbler family.

A Green Heron feeding in the marsh.

"Quality time" Canadian Geese.

A feeding Yellow Warbler. My favorite image of the day.


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