Crex Meadows - Part 1

Last week my wife and I spent several days in Grantsburg, Wisconsin photographing wildlife in the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area located just outside of Grantsburg. I will break this wonderful experience into several blog entries so I do not immediately bore you.

Wildlife thrives today in Crex Meadows because of a wetland restoration project by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. If you are interested you can Google Crex Meadows to get more background information.

I originally heard about Crex Meadows several years ago. I found it again early this spring as I was researching wildlife locations  for a spring photo shoot. After some quick planning and packing we headed up to northwest Wisconsin.  Arriving at about 3:00 pm on a hot Monday afternoon, we got some information and maps at the Visitor/Education Center and headed out into the wetlands. It was an incredible experience and I was able to shoot a wide variety of wildlife during our 3 day stay. I am hopeful that I have correctly identified the birds. If there are errors please let me know. I hope to touch on all of the wildlife that I photographed and observed.

Click on images to enlarge them and observe greater detail

North end of the Meadows. My wife took this shot of me
 for our scrapbook. Just posing, not shooting.

Trumpeter Swan and chicks

Eastern Kingbird

Common Loon

Canadian Goose and goslings


Blanding's Turtle  (Endangered species)


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