The fall Tundra Swan migration at Weaver, Minnesota

After hearing and reading about the fall migration of the Tundra Swans for the past several years, I made a point this year of photographing some of these wonderful birds as they laid over in the Weaver bottoms. I made several trips this past week to the Weaver bottoms located between Minnieska and Weaver, Minnesota just off of Highway 61.

The sight of the hundreds of Swans and other assorted migrating waterfowl was incredible to photograph and watch. The Swans were noisy with their unique whooping calls and were interesting to watch as they interacted with each other.

I am inserting a number of the images I took of the Swans and other waterfowl at the bottoms. As always, any the images may be purchased without the watermarks by contacting me.

The fall of 2012 migration at Brownsville has now been posted.

These images are better when enlarged. Just click on the image to enlarge it.

A Pair of Tundra Swans flies over me on an overcast day.
A family of Swans looking for a place to land in the bottoms.
A family of colorful Mallard Ducks was also sharing the marsh.
A Tundra Swan executing a picture perfect landing.
This American Bald Eagle was checking out the marsh area.
A pair of young Tundra Swans with their pink bills flies into the marsh.

Another flock of Tundra Swans dropping into the marsh.
A flock of Canadian Geese landing in the marsh.
Another successful landing.
Suddenly, a Flash Mob of Swans surprises everyone and breaks into song.


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