The first snowfall of the season

The views in and around Winona on Sunday morning were incredible. The wet snow that fell overnight clung to the trees and vegetation creating a fantasy land for all who could view it. Incredibly, the snow stuck to the branches as there was no wind or bright sunshine to dissipate it. It was still an incredible sight this morning as I drove downtown to get coffee.

Pam and I were out and about early Sunday morning trying to capture some of the sights with our cameras. It was no easy task as the views were overwhelming. It was difficult to isolate and photograph sights that could capture the beauty of the scenery that seemed to envelop us as soon as we exited our car. We took a lot of photographs and I have placed a number of them in this blog post. I used a variety of post processing techniques to try and do justice to the sights we observed.

As always, just contact me if you are interested in acquiring a print of any of the images.

These images are better when enlarged. Just click on the image to enlarge it.

A large tree in Unity Park.
Apple Tree near Government Point Road

Lake Park bench.

Sugar Loaf from Unity Park.

Levee Park
Frisbee golf at Lake Park
Lake Park
Homer, MN


  1. beautiful! i especially love the lake park bench, sugarloaf, and the lake park tree. thanks so much for sharing--feels like home!!! :) tash

  2. They are ALL my favorite!!!! As much as winter is not 'my' season you definitely bring out the beauty of it. Now, if you could figure a way not to have it snow on the roads I would love this time of year! LOL! Driving home from La Crosse on Saturday night (had the HHR not 4-wheel drive!) from grand daughter's wedding reception had me thinking about warmer/greener climes!!! Doreen


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