A wonderful Bald Eagle experience

I sometimes wonder if we truly appreciate the wonders of nature that are surrounding us here in southeast Minnesota and western Wisconsin. I know that I have long overlooked and under appreciated the incredible beauty of the area. After completing a great summer season of wildlife and nature photography, I was facing the reality that winter can be very challenging in locating outdoor photo subjects. But, mother nature came up with a another pleasant surprise as she always does. The unusually warm winter weather this year afforded me the opportunity to photograph Bald Eagles on the river in a way I had pretty much assumed I could only do in Homer, Alaska where the Eagles gather in mass quantities.

This past week I made several trips up river to Camp Lacupolis, just north of Wabasha, Minnesota to observe and photograph those marvelous American Bald Eagles that had gathered in that area. The Mississippi River was still open in that area and what I consider to be a large number of Bald Eagles had gathered there to feed. I counted about 40 and heard others report up to 75 Bald Eagles in the area.

It was nice that the temperature was not -10 degrees as it usually is this time of year and I was actually able to watch, observe and photograph the Bald Eagles without having to warm up in the car every 5 minutes. That made it possible for me to photograph and try to capture the Bald Eagles as they interacted and fed on the fish they caught in the open waters. It was also a great opportunity to get Bald Eagle photographs other than the soaring eagle and eagle perched in the tree shots that I was accustomed to getting.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them in one of natures truly entertaining wildlife displays. Please feel free to share this blog on facebook or other sites if you feel so moved.

As always, just contact me if you are interested in acquiring a print of any of the images.

These images are best if viewed larger. Just click on the image to enlarge it.

There appeared to be a lot of fish theft taking place.
It was not enough to catch the fish, the Eagles had
to protect their catch long enough to enjoy it.

This young Eagle made a successful grab out of the river.

A Bald Eagle heading for the trees to eat his catch while being
shadowed by another eagle with his eye also on the catch.

The open water had also attracted hundreds of ducks who did not appear
to be all that afraid of the eagles soaring overhead.

This was a really grumpy looking Eagle making his way
to the trees to feed on his catch.

Another view of an Eagle looking for a place to perch and enjoy
his meal.

A successful one legged grab of a fish amidst a flock of ducks.

My favorite shot of the day.

Did I mention the hundreds of ducks?


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