The Big Auction

Thanks for checking out my blog. This post is from a photo shoot at a large farm auction in Winona County on September 18, 2012. My friends at AK&S Auctions invited me over to check out the auction. I had a great time and felt like I was witnessing a part of a slowly disappearing part of Americana and the passing of one persons dream to the dreams and ambitions of others. This was a large and well publicized estate auction as the value of farm land was speculated to reach near record levels. There was also a human interest side to it that I tried to capture.

The rural community was well represented by farmers looking to acquire a piece of this estate sale, to witness the every changing values of property that effect their lives and profession so drastically or just to be a part of a large rural social gathering.

I prepared select images from the photo shoot that day to present on the blog.

Any of the images in my posts are available to purchase as 5x7 all occasion greeting cards, as enlargements for wall decor or Giclee prints. Just contact me for information and prices.

Please remember to click on the images to enlarge them and see them in better detail.


The driveway to the farm was populated with with many cars and pickups.
He walked softly but carried a "Big Stick" while directing traffic in the
 hay field.
The sight of this row of worn through shovels caught my eye as I walked around
the site. They represented a lot of toil around the farm over the years and were
now waiting to be auctioned off to resume their work elsewhere. I prepared this
image as a black and white print that can be printed on Fine Art Photo Paper.
This print is currently hanging at the Blooming Grounds Coffee House in
 downtown Winona.
A yard full of farm equipment waiting to be sold
The heart of the action centered around Jon and Tom Kohner selling off the
equipment and farm.
A large group of auction bidders and watchers followed the action on a sunny
autumn morning.
The concession trailer seemed to do a good business as the lines grew longer
as the lunch hour approached.
The business side of giving out auction numbers and collecting proceeds.
Jon auctioneering and Tom recording the winning bids.
Nothing like parking your car in a hay field.  :)
Numerous vehicles parked in the hay field on a beautiful morning.


  1. These photos brought tears to my eyes. Excellent work capturing a poignant day.


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