Eagles and Swans at Reads Landing

It is winter in Minnesota with cold, windy and snowy weather. It is normally the time to catch up on all the indoor projects I put off this summer. I was all set to buy into that mind set when Pam and I discovered a bunch of Bald Eagles in the Reads Landing area just north of Wabasha, Minnesota. I have learned from past experiences that nature is ever changing and I had better shoot when the opportunity appears as it may be gone tomorrow.

With that thought in mind, I headed up to Reads Landing on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to get some winter photography under my belt.  I had the good fortune of running into a couple of other photographers at Reads Landing who were also enjoying the eagles. I promised them a short plug in my blog so I hope you enjoy their websites.

Captain Rusty Mathiasmeier runs a charter boat out of Red Wing which features river eagle tours. rustysriverrides.com

Marcus Moller is a pastel artist/illustrator. marcus-moller.artistwebsites.com/
The weather on both days was bright, sunny and around 32 degrees which made manipulating camera controls much easier than sub-zero conditions. In addition to the Bald Eagles present there were a number of Trumpeter Swans and other interesting subjects to photograph.
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A juvenile Bald Eagle grabs a small fish.

Keeping an eye on the river below

The Eagles were so cool flying against the blue sky
Trumpeter Swans taking off when startled by an airboat
Ring-billed Gull on the edge of the ice flow
A Bald Eagle with his catch tucked under his tail
A pair of Common Goldeneye ducks swimming in the icy water
A pair of Trumpeter Swans flying low over the water. The lead Swan is dragging
a wing tip in the water.
A juvenile Bald Eagle soared over us
A DNR airboat stirred the waterfowl up as they passed.
This Cooper's Hawk perched in a tree outside of
my office window yesterday looking for a little
bird treat.


  1. The shot of the eagle in the first photo shows off such an impressive wing span. The pictures are gorgeous! I'm tickled to find out what great photo ops you get just sitting at your desk. Great blog! Great photos!

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