A storm is on the way!

The latest weather update is predicting a 6" to 10" band of snow destined for the Winona area tonight through Tuesday. That means we only have a couple more storms left before spring! I have not gotten out as much as I should to prepare photographs for my blog so I will just wing it and hope for the best.
With the new year, I decided to do a little re-branding for my websites and business. You will notice a different look and logo that I am now going with and I hope it will enhance the images for you that I post here and on my website.
This post will be a mixture of images from the past year or so and will also include some images that I have posted on my Facebook page recently. My apologies to my Facebook followers for the duplication.
You can also follow me on my Muddy River Photography Facebook page. I always appreciate a "Like" on the page.

Muddy River Photography Facebook Page

I photographed our Valentine's Day Roses a couple
of weeks after the day. They still look nice even though
they are slightly wilted.
An ice coated tree early on a Sunday morning.
The J.R. Watkins Building in Winona.
The Winona Count Courthouse.
The ornate Levee Wall in Winona.
A Cardinal from earlier this winter.
A Blue Jay from earlier this winter.
A new portrait style I have added to Muddy River Photography.
A Bald Eagle Portrait.
I am also adding custom designed Iphone Skins to my
product line.


  1. My fave is the frosty tree. I'm a sucker for hoar frost!

    1. Yes, that certainly can add interest to an image.


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