Grebe chicks at Crex Meadows

Pam and I made another trip up to the Crex Meadows Wildlife area for a couple of days during the week of July10, 2013. Our purpose was to try and photograph the Red-necked and Pied-billed Grebe chicks we hoped had hatched out since our last visit. When we visited the Visitor Information Center on our arrival, we learned from the always friendly staff members that the Red-necked Grebe chicks had not been seen recently and possibly did not make it. 

We were very fortunate to find some Pied-billed Grebe families feeding their chicks fairly close to shore the afternoon we arrived and had a great time photographing and watching their behavior and antics. Hence, I posted a number of images of the cute little chicks. We also observed the Red-necked Grebe adults but alas no chicks. I also photographed other wildlife and I have included some of those images as well.

I apologize for the later than promised posting. I broke my Wacom pen and had to wait for new equipment to arrive. If any of the photographers out there are interested in a used Wacom tablet, without pen, let me know and I will give you a great deal!

As always, don't forget to click on the images to enlarge them for better detail and feel free to share my blog with your friends. Enjoy!

A closeup shot of a Pied-billed Grebe chick waiting for one of it's parents
to come up with some food for him.

This chick was either stretching or trying to impress the other chick.

Another chick waiting to be fed. These chicks were a little larger than the
chicks I photographed last year.

These Grebe chicks had huge appetites. This one just received what appears to
be a small crayfish from the adult.

Down the hatch!

Another chick with a minnow.
Sibling rivalry?

We watched this Red-necked Grebe make several attempts at swallowing
this Bullhead minnow.

This Sandhill Crane was in the tall marsh grass. We looked hard but did not
get to see any Colts.

Thursday morning was cool and foggy. The rising sun illuminated all kinds
of spider webs with tiny waters drops sparkling like jewels.

The Trumpeter Swan Cygnets were already getting quite large.

The beautiful Loons were also present as always. We did not see any chicks on
this trip.

This White-tailed deer doe was feeding in the marsh waters. Her face was
covered with Deer flies and seaweed. Her fawn was hiding in the tall grass
Pam's acute vision spotted this American Bittern standing in tall grass
looking like a stick. It took me awhile to locate it.

After making some strange noises and fluffing his feathers, the Bittern took
flight and left the area.

A duck family hiding in the marsh.
Day Lilies and other wild flowers adorned the area.

A foggy morning at sunrise on Thursday.
There were a lot of little Butterflies enjoying the wildflowers.

Pam trying out the big lens on East Refuge Road.


  1. Excellent as always! My personal favorites are the foggy morning and the butterfly.


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