August 2013

Summer is winding down and I personally do not miss the hot and humid weather we normally have this time of year. It has been so great to enjoy the sunny and cool weather we have been experiencing lately after our spring monsoon. Open windows at night and natures alarm clock chirping away in the morning makes for a great nights sleep and a cheerful morning. I hope all of you are enjoying this wonderful summer in your own way.

The backyard birds have been plentiful and varied this season and have enhanced the beauty of Pam's flowers with their antics and chatter. It is always amusing to watch the chicks, who are now about the same size as the adults, flutter their wings and call out for more food.

Pam and I have not made any photo trips recently so I was in a quandary as to what to post in this blog as far as photos. I finally decided to post some of the images I had been posting on my Facebook page. Not everyone is on Facebook so I hope those of you that are not on Facebook will enjoy the images. To those of you that are on Facebook sorry. :(   I will include a couple of images that were not posted on Facebook for my much appreciated Facebook followers.

After mulling around ideas as to where to take my photography recently, I decided to put a new photo book together. The focus of the new book will be Winona and the wonderful area we live in. It will be comprised of images I have taken that reflect on Winona in some way. Some of them will be from many years ago and some of my more recent works. Now all I have left to do is go through thousands of images, pick a title, scan and edit the old images and then put the book together. Fortunately I do not have a deadline so it will be an ongoing project that I hope will keep evolving. 

Recent photograph of a fog bank over Winona.

Don Williams in concert in Rochester in 1979
Ricky Nelson in concert at the M.Q. in Winona in 1981

Multi facet image of the Wilke paddlewheel

Recent image of Somsen Hall at Winona State University

My camera from back in the 1980s

Recent image of Somsen Hall at Winona State University.

An image I took from Sugar Loaf showing the Hot Fish Shop and the area
before the "Big Box" stores moved in.
Another recent image of Somsen Hall at Winona State University
I think this was the original Wilke at the Levee.
3rd St. in Winona. The old Mall can be seen in the distance.
 Looking east from Main Street.

I believe I took this during the 1965 flood. Check out the Latsch Island Bathhouse.



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