Fall Handmade Neighborhood Sale - 2013

On November 23, 2013, the Handmade Neighborhood sale took place at the Winona County History Center in Winona. What a beautiful morning it was, except for the wind and freezing temperatures. The sun was shining brightly into the History Center as the vendors put the finishing touches on their displays in anticipation of a very busy and productive sale.

As Pam and I were also setting up our table display at the sale and were a little apprehensive as this was new territory and a new experience for us. As we set up the table, other vendors stopped by to check out our products and provided supportive conversation. I managed to slip away for a few minutes to take some photos of the sale and to see what was happening upstairs as we were set up on the ground floor. There was so much to see and take in that it was a little overwhelming. Of course that only added to the excitement of the event.

At 9:00 am the customers started to enter and mingle and browse around all of the vendors. Shortly there after there were people everywhere. Including our table! It was then a steady stream of people looking, buying and chatting calmly with the vendors. There were smiles everywhere and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

My takeaway from the sale was very positive and encouraging. I never would have guessed at how many people would stop by and comment on my work, identify themselves as Facebook friends and mention seeing my work published in the Winona Post. Especially the nice lady "Betty" from Germany and her husband. We learned a lot about what products to prepare for future sales and how to improve on our displays. It was a very successful day for us and I am still working on fulfilling special orders from the sale.

A big THANK YOU to all of the friendly customers, friends and relatives that either purchased from us or took the time to chat with us. Also to all the vendors that were helpful and encouraging. Even taking food orders at lunch time!

Studio News

I will be continuing my Handmade Neighborhood Sale pricing through the 1st of the year. You can special order greetings cards, matted prints or prints only with a minimum $10.00 order. I can produce these products from any of my images posted on this blog or Fine Art America. Canvas prints have to be ordered by December 10, 2013 to be ready for Christmas. Just call or email me for more information or to order.
Business hours - 10:00 am - 6:00 pm - Monday thru Saturday
In addition to my wildlife, nature and photo art work, I will soon be expanding into other genres of photography. As a home based photography business, a lot of my work will be done on location at your business, home or outdoors. I am currently upgrading my small home studio to accommodate an occasional portrait session and also more product photography.
I will be updating my websites in the near future to reflect these changes. In the meantime, I will be giving discounted sitting fees until I get fully operational. Just call or email for more information.
I had hoped to get more photos of the sale including the wonderful displays of all the vendors. That did not happen as things got busy very quickly. Here are a few shots I did manage to get at the the sale. 
Our table and display just before the sale.

Main floor vendors setting up.

2nd Floor vendors setting up.

Aerial view of part of the main floor.

 “It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
Ernest Hemingway

Thanks for viewing!


  1. I love having a vendor spot! The opportunity to visit with people and converse about whatever in a relaxed, upbeat/holiday atmosphere is one of the best things......any sales being the other!! LOL! Great post and the photos captured the feel of the day!! Congrats!!!! Hugs......


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