Finally February! 2014

Whew! made it through another January. This year, January seemed a little longer and a lot colder. Fortunately there were enough things going on during the month that it did not drag out. The big distraction or attraction, was the Frozen River Film Festival. As with a lot of Winona events, this festival  had some controversy associated with it. I hope it all gets resolved as this is a really nice event for Winona.

We spent a couple of weeks thinking about the Frozen River Film Festival sale that was to happen on January 26, 2014. What products to display, what to sell, etc. It is all relatively new to us so it was fun preparing for the sale. It turned out to be kind of a long day as there were times when there were no people mingling around the various vendor tables. Pam quickly learned from some of the other friendly vendors that the lulls, when the movies were being played, was a great time to go and shop the other vendors. All in all we had a great time in the cool venue of the Atrium of the Science Laboratory Center on the Winona State University Campus. Our sales were not great but the exposure to potential clients, meeting new people and getting to know the other vendors better made the day very successful for us.

To finish off the month of January, we attended the "End of Exhibit" event at the Page Theater on the Saint Mary's University Campus for the photo display exhibited by the talented Kari Yearous. We enjoyed viewing her work and chatting with some of the other guests. I even picked up a few display tips. Thanks Kari and John! Very nice exhibit.

By the way, for Kari's Facebook fans, Grumpy Cat was not around when we were there.  :-)

I do not have a series of photos to display for this particular blog but I did insert a shot of the Frozen River Film Festival and one other photo from this summer.

Stay warm my friends,


Overview of the vendors

B-25 sunset at Max Conrad Field last August.


  1. Thanks, Al! You're very kind, as always. Was great to have you and Pam visit the reception. Thanks again for coming.

  2. You JUST missed Grumpy Cat, by the way. He came with World's Most Interesting Man.


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