Early spring wildlife at the T.N.W.R.

Pam and I made a couple of trips to the Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge last week during lulls in the rain, to see what was happening with the birds and other wildlife. We found some of the small birds had returned as well as Egrets, Blue Herons, American Pelicans and other assorted birds and wildlife. Plants were just starting to peek through the ground and the trees were budding. The ice and snow had melted and the Bald Eagles were soaring and also perched in trees along the waterways.

Here are some of the birds and wildlife we spotted. I did not notice any insects flying about so I was a little surprised that the bug eating birds seemed to having some luck. I should probably clean my glasses.

I know they are common and I don't always photograph Robins but this
one looked so cool framed against the blue sky.

The cute Yellow-rumped Warblers were back. ( Butter Butts )

A Pine Warbler perched in a very colorful blighted section of a Pine Tree.

A Muskrat feeding in the shallows.

I believe this was a young Eagle soaring over the Refuge.

An Eastern Bluebird leaving one of the many nesting boxes located
around the Refuge.

We were observing a group of 5 Egrets when this one grabbed a frog to eat.

Another "Butter Butt".

Tree Swallows and Barn Swallows were feeding over open water when
these two decided to take a rest.
This White-throated Sparrow was reluctant to leave the brush for a better

A Blue Heron.


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