Trip to Ashland Wisconsin Sept 2014

Pam took this shot of the hotel from the lake side.

Last week Pam and I headed to northern Wisconsin for a couple of days. It was mostly a get out of town and relaxation vacation. We chose Ashland, Wisconsin because we heard a little about the city but had never been there. So, it was also a little bit of an adventure into the unknown. A friend of Pam's recommended the Hotel Chequamegon in Ashland as a nice place to stay.
We were not disappointed as we had  great weather, a really nice hotel and more photo opportunities than I had anticipated. I left my birding photography equipment at home and relied on one camera body and a couple of lenses. We walked and drove around Ashland and also spent some time hiking to view some sea caves near Cornucopia.
Of special note, the staff at the hotel were very friendly and they were almost always smiling. When we first entered the Hotel Chequamegon, it took me a little by surprise. It was like stepping back in time about a hundred years. It took a little while to get up to the check in desk as there was so much to see and take in while walking through the lobby. It was unique to us to enjoy the look and feel of the 1800's with the amenities of the 21st century.  We ate in the hotel restaurant, Molly Cooper's, several times and were treated to some very nice dinners. They even had cheesecake!!
It was interesting to walk around the business district, across the street from the hotel, and see how the City of Ashland was promoting itself. Their concept was unique to me and a lot of fun to participate in and to photograph. I am over simplifying the concept I am sure but it appeared that they were not only sharing their history in the museums and local businesses, they also had a collection of huge murals depicting their history painted on the sides of their buildings. These murals were very nicely done and a great incentive to keep you walking around the business district shopping in their businesses and shops. Because of our schedule we only were able to view and photograph some of the murals. 
Please enjoy the photographs of the area. I have added additional notes in the captions.
Sunset over the harbor

A couple of tourist shops at Cornucopia
Retired fishing boat at Cornucopia
Pam and some Gulls enjoying the beach at Cornucopia

Cornucopia Harbor
Another retired fishing boat at Cornucopia
View of our  hotel from the harbor

Mural in business district

Mural in business district

Mural in business district

Mural in business district with Pam
View from our sea cave hike

View from our sea cave hike
A cool boat in the harbor at sunset. It was for sale!!

We found this mural in an alley

Viewing the mural close up
A view of the reading room behind the lobby

A view of the reading room behind the lobby
Pam and the seagulls in Ashland park
Another view of that cool boat at sunset
Antique photo version of the hotel

Antique photo version of the reading room

A view of the harbor from our hotel window the morning we left.


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