Hidden treasure on Garvin Creek

As humans, we have the ability to view something and not let reality or facts cloud or stifle our imagination. It is a trait we enjoy, promote and sometimes obsess over. I am no different in that respect and I truly enjoy the bizarre, unusual and anything that stirs my imagination. When I come across a scene that triggers my imagination, I immediately want to photograph it. Then I want to reflect on the scene or image and try capture not only the scene as I viewed it but just as importantly, what I was feeling at the time.

Some time ago while browsing on Facebook, I saw a photograph that grabbed my imagination and curiosity. At the time, all I knew was that it was taken somewhere near Stockton, Minnesota and that the image content showed some old rusty trucks sticking out of an embankment. My thought at the time was, "I really need to find that spot and photograph it". I hoped it did not involve a 5 mile hike through dense woods and swamps. More recently I saw more images of this intriguing scene on the Facebook Group "You know you're from Winona if...". These images had been posted by Sheila and Cally and maybe others but now a description as to it's location was included. Helen also posted some photos of them on Facebook yesterday. These were all really nice photos that nicely documented the scene and the trucks. Judging from the comments posted about these photos it was obvious that I was not the only one that thought they were really "COOL". Hence, I decided to write a blog post about the scene.

Following the directions I found on Facebook and then confirming them with Google Maps, I headed out to find the area last week Tuesday around noon. I thought the lighting would be best about midday or early afternoon. Anticipation and some excitement were running through my mind as I took the short hike from my car to the area the vehicles were reported to be located. As I approached I could see Garvin Creek and an embankment across the creek but no cars! I then remembered that one of the photographers on Facebook mentioned that she walked right past them and did not see them hidden in the woods. Keeping that in mind and my disappointment in check I headed to the spot that most resembled the photos I had previously seen. It was only when I got close and because I was focused on looking for details that I saw these vehicles staring at me from across the creek. It was so eerie and creepy looking at first glance that I started to feel the hair on the back of my neck start to stand out. I knew I was alone but I still had to turn about and see if I was being followed or watched. I was a little out of my comfort zone.

I quickly returned to reality and the photographer in me took over. Now I was thinking about how I could best capture this sight to convey the emotion this bizarre scene invoked. The photos I had viewed on Facebook were all nice images and I did not want to post more of the same. Keeping that in mind I used some High Dynamic Range techniques that I hoped would give a different perspective to the scene.

At one point, I was standing on the edge of the creek looking across at the stone filled vehicles when something jumped out of a window of one the trucks and scampered along the bank. Yes, my heart did skip a beat or two until I realized it was a large Woodchuck that had a burrow dug out between a couple of the cars.

The following images are of that unusual and rarely seen site. There are a number of explanations for this unusual configuration around, all of which are logical and probably true. However, not one of them mentioned " ZOMBIE PARKING LOT".


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