Early spring at Crex Meadows 2015

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Blog Post

We were finally able to make an early spring trip to the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area last week after scheduling and weather patterns came together for a promising wildlife photo shoot. It was our first photo trip this season and we were as excited about finding the surprises that Crex Meadows was holding for us as we were about enjoying the culinary decadence that we knew would also be awaiting our arrival.

It was around lunch time when we arrived at the Turtle Lake Wisconsin Casino. Yes, it was Wing it Wednesday at the Me-Ki-Noc Restaurant and we enjoyed all you can eat batter fried Chicken Wings with our friends Denny and Marjorie Doering. A big surprise for me came when, just before the wings arrived, Marjorie presented me with an autographed copy of her newly released novel "Targeted". You will see a photo of the new book, the third in a series, on the right hand margin of this blog. Click on the book for more information about this wonderful mystery novel.

When we arrived at the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area later in the day we headed over to the Visitor Center for the latest update from the friendly staff. That would be Kim Wheeler on this visit. Pam also found a nice, newly designed Tee shirt in the gift shop. The sun was shining with a little wind present when we got the camera out and started our quest for wildlife photos.

I know this probably sounds like a broken record but it happened again. The wildlife we were expecting to find were well hidden and not anxious to be photographed. However, the Yellow-headed Blackbirds that are so colorful and always a long way off were close by this year and gave me some nice close up shots. It seemed that the wildlife we did encounter were frolicking around and enjoying the warm sun light. The breeding season may have had something to do with that as well.

Thursday was overcast with occasional showers. We did get some more wildlife shots but also had a chance to visit a couple of local antique shops. We also indulged in a Panini and fried cheese curds at the Burnett County Dairy Coop Store near Grantsburg. Wonderful cheese curds!! 

Please enjoy the images below and click on them to view larger images with more detail.


There were several American Kestrels near
the north end of the refuge.
The Yellow-headed Blackbirds were not shy on Wednesday evening.

A couple of the Blackbirds appeared to be practicing their mating dances on
the road.

Posing for a portrait.
 Pied-billed Grebe enjoying the sunshine.
A pair of muskrats doing their thing
This Eastern Kingbird kept up with us and posed on a number of branches
in what appeared to be an overt attempt to be photographed.
A pair of Red-necked Grebes.
Thursday morning was overcast when we found this flock of American Pelicans
"sleeping in" near the West Main Dike Road.
A nesting Loon.
Eastern Bluebird.
Colorful Green-wing Teal.
Nesting Trumpeter Swan.
Early spring leaves.
We saw several Sandhill Cranes but no Colts.
The Canadian geese gosling were still small and cute.
This Lesser Yellowlegs was missing a foot but seemed to have adapted.
Killdeer preening in a light rain.


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