Back to blogging 2016 - Crex Meadows

After a hiatus from bogging the past few months, I am finally catching up. The photography business has been good and I have learned a lot from a local networking group that I joined several months ago. The new friends I have met and the weekly inspiration I receive from our weekly meetings has evolved my business to include a broader client base. Thank you A.I.M.

Last week Pam and I headed to the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in Wisconsin for some R & R and spring photography. It all started with a champagne and crab brunch with our friends Marjorie and Dennis Doering at the Turtle Lake Casino buffet. I will really have to remember to get some photos of the food on our next trip. Anyway, Marjorie's new mystery novel "Web of Silence" book 4 of the Ray Schiller series is now available at Amazon in a digital version. Link to "Web of Silence" on Amazon Enjoy the fine read!

The weather cooperated with us and was cool and sunny. It was wonderful to hear the sounds of the birds and enjoy the green hues that were emerging at the wildlife area after what always seems to be a long winter. There was a lot of nesting going on and also a few young hatchlings out and about the remote areas of the bog.

I have inserted below some of the images we captured on our trip. All of the song birds had not yet arrived but I still had a lot of subjects to focus on.

Please click on the images for a larger view of the photographs.

This Willet was the first bird photographed on our arrival. It was feeding at
the Phantom Lake shore.
A Red-necked Grebe on the nest.

A Red-necked Grebe away from the nest.
Ducklings enjoying a Lily Pad playground.
This Sandhill Crane did not seem to mind our presence and made no attempt
to fly away.
Pam's sharp eye caught a glimpse of this Sandhill Crane Colt in the deep grass
 which explains why the Crane above made no attempt to leave the area.
This handsome Ringed-neck duck is one of Pam's favorites.
I photographed this Loon on some choppy water.
A squirrel feeding on some fresh spring treats.
A Spotted Sandpiper.


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