Crex Meadows Baby boom 2016

Pam and I took a couple of days early last week to check out the Crex Meadows Wildlife area at Grantsburg, Wisconsin. Every trip seems like a new adventure as nature is constantly evolving and always has something new for us to appreciate and photograph.

As usual, we stopped at the Turtle Lake Casino for lunch and a chance to stretch our legs. We enjoyed a great lunch and then ran into Marjorie and Dennis Doering and their family. As we were getting ready to leave Marjorie surprised me with a signed copy of her latest Novel "Web of Silence". Thank you Marjorie. Here is a link to her latest mystery novel on Amazon. Web of Silence 

After a short visit we were on the way again to Crex Meadows. To be honest, my photo business has been picking up lately and taking up more of my time. Therefore this will be a shorter blog posting than I would normally post.

Speaking of my business, I received a copy the 2016 Winona Chamber of Commerce Community Profile directory in the mail the other day. I was surprised to see that one of my Sugar Loaf Photographs was used for the front cover and also that several more of my images were used inside of the book. Here is a link to the site where you can view the directory and page through it. 2016 Community Profile Directory

The wildlife area was alive with chicks (wildlife), ducklings, cygnets, colts and other assorted youngsters and we had a great time enjoying, finding and watching them. It is so cool to see the youngsters playing and being oblivious to politics. It was actually rejuvenating and heartening to see that the world was actually OK and thriving.

I cherry picked through the images I took on our visit and have posted a few of them below. Please enjoy the images and remember that you can enlarge the images by clicking on them.

A flock of Pelicans floated across the refuge in this late afternoon shot.
There were a lot of duck families enjoying the day.
This Black Bear was squinting in the morning sunlight while trying
 to check us out.
Pam's sharp eyes caught this Bittern feeding along a shoreline.
A Sandhill Crane and one of two Colts in the family.
A Wood Duck reaching for air on takeoff.
This Pied-billed Grebe and 2 chicks were quite difficult to locate
 in the Lili pads. The adults appeared to be trying to camouflage
the chicks even more by stacking weeds around them.

It seems that there is always one in every group that has to be different.



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