2017 Spring photo trip to Crex Meadows

The first week in May of 2017, Pam and I headed north towards the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area in northwest Wisconsin, for some photography, R & R and browsing some local antique shops. It was gloomy and cloudy with light rain falling when we arrived around noon at the Turtle Lake Casino for lunch.
We enjoyed a nice lunch with Denny and Marjorie Swift Doering and caught up on our winter news and experiences. Marjorie then surprised us with an autographed copy of her latest published mystery novel, "Remains". She also reported making great progress on her newest novel. Pam has been reading and following and enjoying this series of books since the initial book in the series came out and is anxious to read  Marjorie's next novel when it is published. Her books are available on Amazon.
We made it to the Crex Meadows Wildlife area late in the afternoon and were able to check things out in the light rain and windy conditions. We soon experienced the familiar calming effect that nature wraps around you when you enter the quiet and isolated wildlife area.
The next day was sunny, warmer and calmer. We perused several antique stores and got some early spring images of the area. The only wildlife babies we saw were very young goslings being guarded and guided by adult Canadian Geese. The Loons had returned and a pair of Red-necked Grebes were also present.
Here are some images from this trip.

Ring-necked Pheasant

Yellow-rumped Warbler  aka Butter Butt

White-tail Deer

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

Sandhill Crane

Red-necked Grebes

Bald Eagle and nest

Bald Eagle

Tiny Wildflowers

Lone Tree - Digital Photo Art


  1. We certainly enjoyed our visit too. We always do! Thanks for that lovely dose of free publicity! LOL The photos are beautiful, as always. I'm not sure I've ever seen a yellow-rumped warbler before. It's beautiful. Thanks for the lovely images and the wonderful blog. I always enjoy both.


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