Summer at Crex Meadows Wildlife Area

Earlier this month Pam and I took a trip to visit the Crex Meadows Wildlife Area.  Between the spring show of migrating waterfowl and song birds to the fall staging of the Sandhill Cranes I was curious as to what was lurking about in the summertime. Despite my low expectations, we had a good trip and acquired some nice images.

On the way to Crex we again had lunch with Marjorie Swift Doering and her husband Dennis at Turtle Lake. Marjorie announced that her 6th novel would be released shortly after she decided on a title. It should be a great addition to her series. Also, the wings were superb at the casino.

This was a short trip as we planned on heading home the next afternoon instead of staying an extra day. We did find some cool and surprising sights during our stay and managed to get some nice photographs. I did enhance some of the images with textures .

Some sort of Dragonfly
The wildlife seemed to get along without any fighting.
A lot of beautiful green foliage and wild flowers everywhere.
A friendly snake crossed the road and let me photograph him.
This small lake was between Siren and Crex Meadows. The color was
We did see 100+ Sandhill Cranes in the refuge.
We always love it when we can spot a Bittern.
One of the many wildflower varieties present.
Our big surprise of the trip was having to pull off the highway as we were
leaving to allow this house to pass.


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