North Shore Vacation

Earlier this month, Pam and I headed up to Two Harbors and the North Shore along Lake Superior for several days. It was a long anticipated trip where we could enjoy new sights and sounds and I could focus of landscape photography. The large amount of tourists in the area took me a little by surprise but we soon learned how to avoid the crowds and explore at our own pace.

It was a fun trip where the weather went from sunny to foggy to overcast to light rain. The temperatures were mostly cool and a nice relief from the hot weather we experienced the prior few weeks. The photo opportunities were abundant and offered a lot of enjoyment to the trip.

The photos I posted below are representative of some of the sights we enjoyed. If you get a chance, it is a cool place to visit.

A view of Split Rock Lighthouse and sailboat.

Another view of the Split Rock Lighthouse on a beautiful day.
Gooseberry Falls - Middle

Scene at Two Harbors harbor.

Two Harbors harbor with the lighthouse in the distance.

Scene at Two Harbors harbor.

Two Harbors Lighthouse

Shipping vessel entering Two Harbors harbor.

Black Beach area.

Split Rock Lighthouse

Temperance River 

Cross River


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