Adventures in Sequim Washington

Well, I finally did it. With some gentle urging from Pam, I was moved out of my comfort zone and booked a trip to Sequim, Washington to visit my brother and his family. The trip was wonderful!

We flew from Minneapolis to Seattle Washington. Then it was a light rail ride from the airport to the ferry landing in downtown Seattle. It was dark when we boarded the ferry and were then treated to a nighttime view of the Seattle skyline as we headed west across Puget Sound. The city lights, the Ferris Wheel lights and the Space Needle profile were incredible.

I left my photo equipment at home but did take a small point and shoot camera along with my iphone for photos. The images I prepared for this post will be in no particular order and I will identify the locations as best as I can remember as I did not take notes.

The weather was very cooperative during our visit and we had sunshine, clouds and rain. Sometimes all with 15 minutes. But, Bill and Lavonne had our day trips well planned out to take advantage of breaks in the weather. Gratefully we were able to visit with and touch base with all our family members, and then some.

We took several hikes into the Olympic National Forest and also on the Olympic National Trail. Bill and Lavonne have been actively maintaining and working on hiking trails in the Olympic National Park for many years and were great guides and sources of information about the area. 

Now to the Elephant in the room. I have heard for several years that the Olympic Mountains have had the most Sasquatch sightings of any place in the United States. So naturally I was on the lookout for them on our hikes in the mountains. As you will see in some of the photos below, the vegetation is very thick in these forests so it was hard to tell if we got close to any.

Another highlight of our trip to Sequim was the warm and very friendly attitude of everyone we met. From Bill and Lavonne's neighbors to the artists and musicians we met. One evening we went to the Art Fair in Sequim and visited some art galleries, a coffee shop with live music and a wine bar with live music. It was interesting that most of the patrons were in our age bracket which explained why the music conveniently ceased at 8:00pm.   

On another evening we attended an " Open Mic " get together at a home in Sequim where my niece was one of the musicians performing. It was a wonderful gathering and we were able to chat with and listen to the musicians that had been playing at the coffee shop and wine bar.

The photos below are in no particular order and the descriptions may not be accurate but I did my best. Next time I will take notes. :)

Sequim Bay from John Wayne Harbor.

John Wayne Harbor
John Wayne Harbor
Art work at John Wayne Harbor

Another Harbor scene
The ladies at John Wayne Harbor

A cool truck I spotted on our way to Dungeness Bay

Also on our way to Dungeness Bay we spotted this huge flock of geese.

A restored railroad bridge on the Olympic Discovery Trail that Bill and Lavonne worked on.

Seagulls and pier on Dungeness Bay, I think.

A cool tree on a trail near Lake Crescent in the Olympic Nation Forest.

Pam and Lavonne walking through the Olympic Nation Forest. The trees were huge and the scenery reminded me
of the movie Avatar.

More scenery.

A river in the forest

Marymere Falls near Lake Crescent

Another river scene

Pam could hardly contain her excitement when I mentioned the 
possibility of sighting a Sasquatch. 

Another cool tree scene

Sol Duc Falls

There were these small streams feeding the rivers along the trail.
Miniature little falls.

Lake Crescent.

OK, if there are no Sasquatches, how can there be a Sasquatch Burger???

We split it 4 ways. Excellent Sasquatch burger!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous surprise! The moss covered trees and that old pick-up (I want it!!!), along with the stream photos, are amazing. All proves what a "point and shoot" in the hands of a creative skilled artist can achieve!!!!

  2. Great summary and photos Al. A beautiful part of the country. Thanks for sharing your trip. ... Dan Krumholz


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