Earth Day 2013 at the Levee in Winona

In a rare break from the winter snow this spring, Earth Day at Levee Park in Winona was a breath of fresh air this past Saturday. The sun was shining the sky was blue and everyone seemed to have a smile of their face. It was a break from cabin fever and everyone was going to enjoy it even if it was a little chilly out.

Pam and I headed down to the Levee about mid afternoon and on arrival were met with unmistakable  odor of fresh cooked Kettle Corn. This was going to be a fun afternoon. There was live music, a belly dancer, vendors, adults and children playing. Pam ran into her Tai Chi instructor Brice Wilkinsen and enjoyed doing a signature form of Tai Chi in the fresh spring air.

The photos below are from our trip to the Levee Park. Please share this site with others to help promote the revitilazation of the Levee Park. It is a really nice venue.

Please click on the images to enlarge them for better detail

Live music and a belly dancer

 Levee Park

The riverfront at Levee Park

Some vendors

Pam and Brice practicing Tai Chi

Wide angle of the chalk drawing area

This Coast Guard ship gave out a horn blast for all of the kids waving as it passed.


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