Hummingbird Hygiene

   Since spring is having such a problem showing up this year, I had to dig into my photo archives from last summer to find something to blog about. I tried to find something a little out of the ordinary to display and write about that didn't contain snow in the pictures. (Apparently everyone is tired of seeing snow pictures :))

   As many of you know, I am partial to the delicate and fragile Hummingbird. I have observed and photographed them for the past several years with a lot of curiosity and fascination. I have taken many photographs of them in picturesque settings while they were flying, hovering and feeding at colorful flowers and nectar feeders. Many of these Hummingbird images have been purchased throughout the world via the stock photo agencies I employ. However, I also photograph them in settings that are not observed by a lot of people. These are images that are not big sellers or advertising quality in subject matter.

   The sequence of Hummingbird images in this blog are of a Hummingbird that was perched in a tree and obviously oblivious to my camera and comfortable enough to do a little preening and primping. When I photographed this bird, I just kept clicking away as he was very busy assuming contorted positions and I was more than curious to see what he was up to. I was pleasantly surprised the last couple of days as I prepared these images for the blog and I Hope you enjoy seeing these uncommon images of this neat bird.

   I an not an expert birder so the captions may not be completly accurate. Feel free to use your imagination and think up your own captions.


This is how we clean our beaks

This is how we clean our feet

Preening my feathers

Fluffing up my neck feathers

Touching up around my feet

Have to clean under my wings
Have to clean over my wings
Touch up the front a little bit
Fluff up and air dry


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