A New year 2014

Two weeks into 2014 and I am finally getting my first blog post of the year written. This looks like a wonderful year ahead with new challenges, projects, associations and hopefully a deeper appreciation of the many blessings that surround me.

In order to connect more with my blog followers, Facebook friends and now LinkedIn connections, I am going to try and post weekly on my blog. It will probably be just a photograph and short message but at least I will stay more current. I will only be sending out notices of a new blog posting when I put a more substantial entry on the blog such as a series of photos from a trip or new project. Please feel free to check the blog to catch up on what is happening with Pam, myself and Muddy River Photography.

For my Facebook friends, some of these images will have already been posted on Facebook so you may already have viewed them. Sorry about the duplication. I will however add a little more information about the images here.

Here are a couple of recent images that I took the last couple of weeks.

The morning of December 28, 2013. A view of East Lake Winona
from the Visitor Center parking lot. The sun was rising behind Sugarloaf.
It was very cold as I recall but the ice fishermen were also out
at that time of day so I did not feel too silly standing there with my camera. 

It was early in the morning on January 6, 2014 when I took this image of my
car's instrument panel. The temperature gauge read -19 degrees in the Winona
Health parking lot just after I dropped Pam off for work. It was -22 degrees when
I arrived back home a few minutes later. Taken with a Sony RX100 II camera.
I am learning to carry it with me more often.

The Hart Creamery. I took this shot this morning while exploring the
 countryside for good snow images and scenes. Pam had alerted me while
 she was headed to Lanesboro a short time before, that the snow from
last night was clinging to the trees and creating beautiful
landscapes. I have been thinking about photographing this interesting
building for about the past 20 years or so.

Thanks for viewing!


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