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I dislike hot muggy summer days as much as I dislike below zero winter days. The upside is that they limit my options for outdoor activities and get me back on track with indoor projects I tend to neglect.

Today is such a day and with my extra time I decided to give my blog a facelift. A new look and hopefully more varied content. The blog has always been a great outlet for me to display my nature and wildlife photography and I now hope to expand on that with some travel photography and also with photo projects I have and will be working on.

I always appreciate input so if you have any comments or suggestions please email me. I have chosen a cleaner look for now so the links usually appearing on the right hand side of the blog were eliminated for the time being.

Decorah, Iowa

What to do on the 4th of July? Pam and I decided to travel a short distance to Decorah, Iowa. The weather was great and we had a gift card to use at Impact Coffee in downtown Decorah. Other than seeing the outskirts of the city a few times we had never really had a chance to take our time and look around.

Our GPS took us into town on a road we had yet to experience. It took us right to the heart of Decorah. The most notable discoveries that were unique to us were the giant wind turbine looking over the city, the solar panel farm, the business district and Dunning's Spring Park. I posted below some of the photographs I took during our short visit. Unfortunately most of the retail businesses in the downtown district had closed for the holiday. There were plenty of parking spaces available however and window shopping was great!

Please click on the images to enlarge them for easier viewing.

Part of a solar panel  array in a large installation on the way into town.

We had to forego nitro cold brew as Impact Coffee was closed but there
were a couple of other coffee shops open that provided us with cold brew.

Downtown with the wind turbine in the background.

Dunning's Spring Park waterfall.


  1. I love Decorah!! The museum, yarn shop and quilt shop....Magpie Coffeehouse, gorgeous scenary there...and coming and going!! Luv the new look.


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