Summertime - Stockholm Art Fair 2017

It was warm, sunny and just a little muggy when Pam and I headed off to the Stockholm Art Fair in Stockholm, Wi on Saturday morning. I had heard great things about the Art Fair for several years and decided this year to check it out. The weather was predicted to be hot and muggy but without any rain in the forecast. A perfect summer day.

As we approached Stockholm at about 10:00 am, I grew curious as to how such a small community could handle the large crowds of visitors that are usually at this annual event. It wasn't long before we noticed that vehicles were lining both  sides of the highway leading into town. We approached from the south so I imagine it was the same coming from the north. I was not really in the mood to walk 1/2 a mile to the venue at the city park so we kept heading north through town. I spotted a small sign along the road advertising free parking and shuttle service ahead. Sure enough, another sign in the center of town directed us to the free parking area. After parking in the scenic field on the edge of town we walked over to a large van and were shuttled to within 1/2 block of the Fair. That was a real treat on what was quickly becoming a very warm day.

The free parking area was quite scenic.
A very talented Kenzie Joy was singing as we walked through the Fair.

There were more than 100 venders at the Fair and a lot of people
looking and shopping.
If you needed a break, Lake Pepin offered a scenic view for the attendees.

This biker dude was near the entrance welcoming and helping visitors as
they entered the Fair area.
There were a number of food vendors supplying a variety summer treats.
On our way out of the Fair, Pam stopped for our obligatory bag of Kettle
popcorn at this vendor that appeared to be named after me?

As we left Stockholm to return to Winona, I took a photo of the cars lining
the highway.
It was a fun trip that we will probably make again with plans to stay a little longer. You can learn more about this event at their web page,


  1. Thanks for "taking me along" on your day. I've been back to that little burg several times (since Pam and I 'discovered' it) but have hit it more on the week days when it's a bit more sleepy! It is a wonder how these towns pull such events together.......another example is the "Stand Still Parade" in Whalan.


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