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Earth Day 2018

We got an early start on Earth Day 2018 by heading out for a wildlife photo excursion around the Winona area by 7:00 am.
We have been anxious to get back up north to photograph spring birds but the weather has not cooperated. There are still traces of snow lying about in shaded areas from last weeks snowstorm, but they will probably melt tomorrow as temperatures are supposed to get near 70 degrees. So, in the meantime we wanted to check out the Winona area to see what was around.
We checked out west Lake Winona and saw some Ducks, Grebes and Gulls. On the west edge of the lake we spotted a Loon close to shore and got some photos. As we were leaving, Pam spotted two Sandhill Cranes standing on the bike path. They appeared quite comfortable as they looked for something to eat. I can only imagine the surprise a runner might have when turning the corner and confronting the large prehistoric looking cranes.

After our unexpected finds at the Lake we headed across the river to the Trempealeau N…

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